Asset Management

Performance is critical, but it always has a context. The ability to connect effectively with potential and existing investors and communicate a real story is vital.


Investor Meetings and Presentations


Whether it be a one-on-one, or a larger scale investor event, some fund managers are excellent communicators, others can be less comfortable. Most have the tendency for tangential thought, which is why they are good investors...but that does not always translate to consistently effective communication.


We work with clients in preparation for these informal meetings, and also speaking in front of large audiences. We aim to give a disciplined approach to getting a strong set of messages across, and to get confident, credible performances in front of an investor audience.


Fund Raising


Sales and marketing professionals in Asset Management are normally amongst the best communicators around. Effective coaching in this area is about finding the small incremental gains and consistency that leads to closing more deals. The areas we normally add value are turning over and freshening the 'pitch' itself, looking at the 'pitch-book' and how best to use it, and laying out a disciplined process for planning for a meeting that will get the very best performance. It's about systematically thinking about what you do well; the idea of continuous improvement.


Competitive Pitches


Preparing for a major pitch to a pension fund, or other institution can be time-consuming and disjointed. We work with clients to help structure that process for the best possible outcome, and to do it efficiently. A discussion of the client's buying team, and the competitive landscape is critical at the outset. Getting the right set of messages that avoids a stale, consensus communication, and coaching the individuals to perform as a team are next steps. Proposal rehearsal and Q&A practice ensures the best possible chance of a 'win' on the day. Read more...










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