Pitch Coaching

How we help clients:


Pitch Coaching - We aim to increase your 'win' rate over time - whether formal pitches, or informal marketing. We look at your story, how you deliver it, and your visuals. At the end of the coaching, you should have a better understanding of your own conversational style, a high-impact story you are excited to tell, and visual aids (such as pitch-books) that support the story. You should also have a thought-process to optimize your pitching strategy.


Pitch Advisory - We help you to win a specific pitch. We help you plan, rehearse, and make sure you execute on the day. We will guide you in discussing your strategy, messages, and performance - both as individuals and as a team. If time allows, we would guide you on an almost forensic analysis of your client, and competitive situation.


We define 'pitching' as anything from an informal lunch with a key client, to a formal 'beauty contest'. Whenever you are in front of clients, it's an opportunity to present your ideas, and it pays to make them as persuasive as possible. However, while we're clear about the importance of pitching excellence, the best 'pitches' do not seem like pitches at all - more like a conversation that is centred around solving the client's problem.


Alas, it's not a simple as opening up the conversation to the client and taking their order. Most industries have moved from the 'talking about yourself' model to the 'talking about the client' model. Often this can mean a 'relationship building' phase, in which information discovery questions are asked, and then a 'pitch phase', which involves presenting the solution. It's much more comfortable for the seller, but frequently is boring for the buyer: everyone he meets takes him through the questions/ solutions model. He learns nothing new.


A pitch must be a balance of active listening and questions, but also having planned something to say that leaves a strong message with the client. In short, we give clients a thought-process that will help them plan to achieve excellence in both these areas.








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