Investment Banking

Lower M&A and Capital Markets volumes, often less resources to prepare pitches, and still plenty of firms out there. Winning mandates is more challenging than ever.


Formal Competitive Pitches


Much of the art of winning the formal ‘beauty contest’ for major mandates is done before the meeting itself, but performing on the day is still critical.


The best formal pitches have the atmosphere of a ‘conversation’ with the client, and provoke fresh thinking. Differentiating yourself isn’t easy, but it is achievable.


We work with our clients to plan and rehearse for the pitch. We’ll help guide your thinking about your client, and your competition. We’ll listen to your messages, and help you craft them to be as incisive as possible. We’ll discuss tactics, and freshen up the approach. Finally, we’ll rehearse, making sure you play as a team, especially in the Q&A, demonstrating to the client the strength and depth of the team they’re buying.


Day-to-day Marketing to Clients


Informal marketing and presenting to new and existing clients – selling ideas. Most people have a plan, which is grab the pitch-book, and their plane ticket.


But given a framework, even the most informal meeting, such as a lunch, can be planned for, and even sketching out your strategy in the taxi on the way there can pay huge dividends.


We work with our clients to help them see clearly what they are doing that makes them a successful communicator, and give them a simple, practical methodology to put it into practice.


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