Financial Presentations

How we help clients:


M&A transactions - Coaching management teams to present to both strategic buyers and financial sponsors.


IPOs, Company Results and Investor Days - Coaching management teams from a wide range of sectors to present to market.


Private Equity and Asset Management Investor Days - Showcasing fund managers and portfolio companies.


Presenting to a financial audience can be extremely challenging. Typically, you can expect short attention spans, existing contrary viewpoints, and frequently a vested interest to challenge what you say. Finding the right tone for any persuasive financial communication is crucial. At one end of the spectrum, pushing 'sales messages' can seem clumsy, and alienate potential investors. At the other end, simply describing a business or fund and narrating the financial statement fails to control how people see the figures in context.


It is also vital for any management team to be seen as relaxed, confident, and credible. They must use their own words, and be comfortable telling their story - even whilst they are guided by those who know what investors are looking for.
























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