Private Equity

Perhaps more than any other area of the investment world, the value of Private Equity depends on your point of view. When the case is made well, it is extremely powerful.


Personal Coaching


We coach Private Equity executives on their personal communications skills. Assignments have included: general communications coaching for new hires, ensuring excellence in presenting to the Investment Committee, and relationship-building skills for meeting potential portfolio companies and operating partners. This also includes preparation for investor meetings and fund-raising.


Investor Conferences


Typically Investor Conferences can be a blizzard of information for investors - with tens of portfolio companies being showcased during the day. We help Private Equity professionals in two ways - first by helping them make their presentations as impactful as possible: acting as a sounding board to draw out the salient points. Second, we make sure that they come across as relaxed, and confident - allowing investors to get to know the people who manage the funds, and also their portfolio companies' management teams.


Fund Raising

Much like the Asset Management industry, Private Equity sales and marketing professionals are typically excellent communicators. Conducting coaching with highly effective communictors is about helping them understand what makes them communicate well - and allow them to do it more consistently. Small incremental gains by improving and freshening the 'pitch', ideas about how best to handle the 'pitch-book', and thinking about how to get under the investors skin, can be extremely valuable. Much like professional sports coaching, the best communicators can get the most value.










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